If you are reading this then you have probably just been for a pee…or you are currently peeing… don’t get it on your phone dude! But clearly you are thinking “Why does my pee smell after taking modafinil?”. I too was puzzled by this strange phenomena.

You’ve taken your morning does of Modafinl which you bought from a reputable supplier  and the day is turning out great. About 10:30 you go for a pee and sniff sniff what is that strange smell? It smells kind of like you ate some Asparagus (although true fact: not everyone can smell asparagus in their pee… if you are one of them, that reference will likely puzzle you even more) but sort of more chemically in a not totally bad way.  So you think to yourself ‘Why does my pee smell after taking Modafinil? I mean I feel awesome but still, this is a bit too jazzy’.

It isn’t that bad but hey it is strange enough that you decide to google it. I mean it does linger a bit which is kinda weird when you are in the office toilets.

Truth be told no one really knows the exact reason for the pee smell after taking modafinil. Some say it is the smell of sleepy laziness leaving your body, others insist it is the smell of success. Either way the evidence seems pretty conclusive: you are fine, this smell is just a smell and, in fact, is part of the way that modafinil converts to pure Awesome in the human body.

The likely reason for the smell is that modafinil metabolizes in your body to create what I guess is a wholly unique chemical called modafinil sulfone. That’s right, sulfone, as in sulphur, as in stink bombs and those massive pools of stinking hot mud in Rotorua, New Zealand. It is mostly harmless so I suggest that next time you pee after taking modafinil you inhale deeply and enjoy the smell of success.



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