What are the best places where I can buy modafinil online…

For anyone who has tried to buy modafinil online you will be familiar with the slightly uncomfortable feeling of placing an order. Crappy websites based in India don’t inspire confidence. Legality issues. Purity concerns. It’s not exactly like buying on Amazon.

Fortunately we have reviewed a number of sites and chosen the top 5 places where you can buy your modafinil online. The criteria are based on security, reliability and professionalism.

Modalert pills

How to be safe buying modafinil online

Always be sure to buy from a well reviewed and professional supplier. Many of the best suppliers offer full refunds and a free re-ship if your delivery gets lost on the way. On average just 3% of packages are stopped at customs. If this does happen the buyer will receive a note asking for evidence of the modafinil prescription. If you take no action and just ignore the note the delivery will be destroyed after 30 days. All of the suppliers we list send their product in plain packaging brown envelopes.

The second consideration is how you will pay for your modafinil. This depends largely on where you are living in the world. For example, in the U.K. modafinil is not a regulated drug and possession is completely legal. In other countries such as the USA and Canada modafinil a controlled drug. You can find a full list here

Paying for pills using an anonymous method such as bitcoin or a prepay credit card can be a good idea. This is particularly useful if you live in the USA where modafinil is controlled drug. If you don’t already use bitcoin you can find a great guide at bitcoin.org where they have a list of bitcoin wallets you can set up. Set up correctly bitcoin can offer a high degree of anonymity – just make sure you read all the information and understand what you are doing. If you are using bitcoin ModUp offer a 33% discount for using it.

If you are in the UK my unofficial advice is just to man up and pay on a card. There is not penalty for possession of modafinil so using bitcoin hardly seems worth the effort.