I’ve just watched a BBC documentary about Modafinil called ‘My smart drugs nightmare’.

I have to say the most fascinating thing about thing about the program was the efforts the BBC took to cast Modafinil in a bad light. Let me just highlight a couple of key points:

  • The reporter can’t sleep – well, he took it at lunchtime! Modafinil has to be taken in the morning because the half life can be 12-16 hours.
  • He repeatedly says that he felt no effects from taking Modafinil. But, he seems to be taking a whole pill every single time. Dose is important – we rePreview Changescommend a half pill (100mg) fro most people. Taking more can actually make you feel pretty uncomfortable and weirdly even sleepy.
  • No one interviewed in the program had any really negative to say about Modafinil. The one negative person they interviewed infront of the river basically just said “it didn’t help me create a succesful startup”. This is hardly a side effect of Modafinil – the startup might have been total junk. It could have been a social media website to connect with your imaginary friends.

The video left me with the feeling that the medical community and researchers really had nothing bad to say about modafinil. The negative view really comes from a prejudiced knee jerk reaction to people taking a drug without a prescription.

And for those of you wondering where the reporter got his Modafinil I would say the website which is blurred out is ModafinilCat. I can’t blame the guy, it is the most reliable and legitimate looking site on the internet.

You can see the video yourself here

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