I have exams coming up next week, will Modafinil help me study? Three intense exams in two days which I have had little time to study for. Today I have a mostly free day and would like to maximise the results I get from the limited time I have available. I am going to test Modfinil to find out how it improves a full days studying. Modafinil was purchased online from Afinil Express.

Studying on ModafinilFull breakdown of the day below with notes on how I felt every half hour together with a subjective rating on my productivity at that time.

08:07 take a single 100mg Modalert pill (one of several brands of Modafinil available) with my usual cup of coffee and coconut oil. Breakfast was a spinach omelette. Productivity 0/10

08:30 nothing to report so far. Past experience tells me that the effects usually take about 40 minutes to kick in so feeling nothing ok. Productivity 0/10

09:00 WOW. I had an incredible urge to poop about 15 minutes ago. It was something like the urge that happens when taking MDMA, the drug hits your bloodstream and the body seems to go ‘holy crap, eject eject eject’. But, now that bit is done I am sat here writing this feeling slightly on edge, in a good way, like I have drunk a Grande Double Shot Starbucks. Of course I still haven’t started the studying yet, although I can’t blame the Modafinil for that. Productivity 2/10

10:17 Ooops, it seems I have been so in the zone that I did not realize the time. The last 75 minutes have just flown by while I have been smashing out the revision. Thinking about it now, I feel like I have not looked up from work at all, my glass of BCAA drink is totally untouched. My jaw feels a little bit tight like my face has been locked in position for the last 75 minutes. Actually, this is something I often worry about when taking Modafinil, that I look a little crazed, too focused, too stern. It may be in my head. I am getting hungry but don’t want to stop studying. Productivity 10/10

11:06 Procrastination has been killed dead. I am just powering through my workload like my life depends on it. I wrote the last entry on here and then went straight back to work. No facebook, no twitter, no news, just straight back to work. Another thing to note is I got a text message from a friend which I would usually stop what I was doing to read, this time I left it until I had finished the bit I was working on. I really did not want to interrupt my flow state. If I had to say something negative it would be that I still feel on edge and my brain really is rushing. Productivity 11/10

13:55 I’m back after a study break to get a haircut and a chill in the park with a friend. Got home 2 minutes ago and already I’m back wanting to work. The strong urge to get on and work seems to be the most noticeable modafinil effect so far. There is no feeling of ‘I can’t be bothered’. Productivity 5/10

14:30 Been working well since last update. My brain is moving fast and I am getting through past exam papers much faster than usual. The answers feel much closer to the surface of my mind. Productivity 8/10

15:06 I am still working very well but I can feel the focus slipping a little. I just followed a random thought and started googling ‘funny disguises’ which is kind of classic procrastination. The good thing is that I did that for maybe a minute before I was back to work and instantly back in the zone. Productivity 7/10

15:39 I am getting really bored now. This could be a sign of the modafinil wearing off or it could be a simply be a result of studying quite a dull subject for five hours. Productivity 7/10

17:10 I went and got a cup of coffee, slammed that down and have worked solidly ever since. That’s about an hour and a half of solid work without looking away from the page, I’ve been through an entire past exam paper and I’m not sure that I blinked. My back is killing from the hunched over frantic position I have been holding for the whole time. Now I am really thirsty and think I really need a break before my eyes start bleeding! I can’t remember the last time I worked this hard…. Productivity 10/10

20:29 Aaaaand I’m still going! I had a break, did a workout, had some food, and now have been studying on modafinil for over an hour. This stuff really is relentless. I do feel a little tired now am starting to get bored but somehow I am managing to stay focused and my productivity is still well up on usual. Productivity 10/10

Well, what did learn today? I learnt that my ability to focus and just get on with boring unappealing tasks is massively improved by taking modafinil. My productivity peaked around 3-4 hours after taking the pill then it wavered up and down before a late rush in the afternoon. I think if I hadn’t have gone out of the house though I would probably have worked solidly all day. I suppose the huge question is how much information will I retain from today? Whether or not the information has been absorbed into my brain fully remains to be seen during my exams next week.

EDIT: I ended up working until 10pm. When I finally stopped I felt so wired I didn’t get to sleep until nearly midnight. That’s about two hours after I normally go to bed so consequently today I am really tired. Maybe, this is the main downside? Modafinil worked great for a day but if I used it daily I think a sleep debt would build and I would suffer.

Modafinil was purchased from Afinil Express.

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