So here we have our Afinil Express review. Well, what can say? This new company is fast becoming one of the top modafinil suppliers on the net.

Smart, trustworthy, organized and extremely well liked on the internet. Afinil Express are doing a great job and have many customers around the world. But what is so great about them?

Personally I’ve found ordering from the easy peasy. Where I live there aren’t any major legal problems with ordering modafinil so I simply used my credit card and got myself some Modalert 200 in just 5 days. It’s shipped direct from India so that is phenomenal tunraround.

…there’s no reason why ordering Modafinil online shouldn’t feel like you’re ordering a book from Amazon…

The great thing about Afinil Express is that when they say they offer a free re-ship if your package is stopped at customs they really mean it. The tracking software lets them know it has been stopped so there are no arguments – you will get a re-ship and fast. No questions asked.

How Does The Modafinil Come Packaged?

Understandably some people are wary of ordering online as they are not sure what the package will look like. You may have nosy neighbours, nosy parents or a disapproving spouse who you wouldmodafinilcat review rather not know that you buy modafinil. The good news is the package is relatively plain. It is a brown A5 envelope with a white customs declaration label stating that the package contains ‘Supplements’. It also will say the country of origin on the package (India), this information is required by customs authorities.

This description is absolutely no problem for 90% of people but maybe if you live with your parents or have nosy housemates you should have a cover story ready. It always helps to be prepared! The tracking software will let you know exactly when the delivery guy will be turning up so you can plan accordingly.

The black box is simply where I have censored out the delivery address for obvious reasons.

What Is In The Packet?

This particular order was of the popular generic brand of modafinil called Modalert 200.

modalert 200 in blister packsIn the packet were 4 silver blister packs each holding 10 pills in two long columns. This format has proved very handy as the silver foil type packaging can be torn so it is possible to stash a couple of sealed pills in the car or in a handbag for when it is needed.

Each pill is 200mg of modafinil. When it comes to dosage you will have to experiment to find the best amount for you – everyone is different. Handily the pills have a break line on them so can easily be split into 100mg doses and it is recommended to do this initially. In all honesty many people report a cognitive improvement from even a 50mg dose so do not be afraid to start off low. At the other end of the scale I find 200mg makes me a bit too alert and a little bit uncomfortable.

Is This The Good Stuff?

Probably the most important question is this one – is the modafinil from Afinil Express genuine good sh*t??

Well, I can confirm that it works very well. The effects kick in after about 30 minutes to an hour often almost imperceptibly. Occasionally I have felt a bit of flutter in my stomach but that doesn’t seem to happen to everytime by any means. Usually what happens is I take it, sit down to write and maybe a couple of hours later realize that I have barely looked away from my screen.  The laser focus helps me to complete whatever task I am doing in the minimum amount of time possible.

I would say the key benefits or changes I notice from the Afinil Express modafinil are:

  • Laser like focus on whatever task I have in front of me.
  • Motivation improves. This is especially noticeable if I have to do an admin task – I just do it. No internal moaning.
  • My urine smells different.
  • Any tiredness just evaporates.
  • In the gym I notice that I go harder for longer. The ‘stop switch’ in my brain seems to switch off.
  • At a lower dose of 50mg to 100mg I feel more socially confident.
  • Higher doses of 200mg plus make me uncomfortable.


Is Afinil Express The Best Modafinil Supplier On The Internet?

In our experience they are the most reliable and professional outfit on the internet. The quality of the product should be the same with any of the top suppliers on this list. Where Afinil Express do so well the way they present themselves, make the transaction easy (and anonymous if you wish) and also track your order through customs.  Refunds are 100% guaranteed if anything should go wrong.

There are some restrictions on where the ship to but the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom are all totally fine. They do not ship to countries on this list due to the customs restrictions.

Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates

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